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Gather Your Crochet Supplies!

Yarn, Crochet hook and the SSB Pattern.


Hey Crochet friend! 

Have you downloaded your Super Simple Beanie crochet pattern? If not, grab your free copy when you sign up to the WTFW newsletter! If you have, I am going to gently nudge you to go to the craft shop of your choice and get your supplies ready! Below is a supply list for an absolute beginner (meaning you don’t have a crochet stash supply to dip into yet!)

You will need:

-2 x balls of yarn at least 100 g each. This can be any fibre that you like the feel of. I would recommend Wool, Wool Blends or Acrylic. Just make sure the ball band says 8 Ply or Double Knitting Yarn. Just FYI…I wouldn’t recommend cotton as it will be a very flimsy hat!

-1x 6.5mm or Size K Crochet Hook. This is easy, just grab a hook that is metal, plastic or wood. As you crochet more and more you will learn what type of hooks you like to work with. Double check the size as this will effect the fabric you make!

-1 x Wool Needle. One of the giant size ones that are either located with the crochet hooks or over in the sewing notions area!

-Measuring Tape. Make sure this is flexible and not a ruler… I explain this in the SSB tutorial Part 1! 

-Scissors for snipping and your phone for the pattern and tutorials. 

Once you gather all these supplies, you’ll be ready to get started! 

Cheers, Jennine

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