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Hello and Welcome!

Jennine is wearing the Will Travel For Wool Super Simple Crochet Beanie in the colour beige.


Hello Crochet Friends,

Just wanted to start this journal off by saying thank you for being here! I hope that you are here because you are eager to ignite your enthusiasm for crochet! My goal of this website is to teach crochet to anyone at any stage of their crochet journey with modern street style patterns and exclusive video tutorials for every step of the pattern. This means a video tutorial for starting your very stitch, stitch patterns, garment construction and finishing techniques. With online video tutorials, you have me as a crochet guide available whenever you have the urge to crochet!

So if you love dressing up in your own handmade creations and want to rekindle your nostalgic love for diy on weekends, hang around and we will get those crochet projects sorted!

Everything I create and share in this space is for the person who Will Travel For Wool.

Have we connected on instagram yet?

Cheers, Jennine

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