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Pattern Name: Suéter com restos de fios - crochê fácil

Pattern Designer: Marie Castro

Craft: Crochet

Size Made: Equal to size 16 Australian

Hook Size: 5mm/ size 8 US

Yarn: Various Synthetic 8 ply/ DK weight

Notes: This is a unique sweater for so many reasons. For starters the pattern is from a crochet designer on Youtube named Marie Castro. She is prolific and inspiring! There is a lengthy video tutorial, however I can’t seem to find any written material for this pattern and thus you have to follow along on her video that is in Spanish with no subtitles. If you have an idea about sweater design and understand crochet, you can get the jist of what is happening ie: measurements, stitch pattern and construction. The rest is sort of up to your discretion and imagination. Don’t get me wrong, this is fun to make however veers slightly from the path which I am comfortable with, which is having written material to gauge my work against.

The second thing that is great and unique about this sweater is that the yarn is made from scraps of other yarn. In the most rudimentary way, you simply join two colours of yarn with a knot and continue in this way until you find yourself with enough “new” yarn to make a garment. Full disclosure: I do not have enough scraps to create the required yardage and used my stash in similar colours to match that of the original sweater. I precut yarn in various lengths and added to the ever growing ball of “new” yarn. I thought this was fun, different and an interesting way to play with colour.

I highly recommend checking out Marie Castro’s Youtube Channel, the garments are very inspiring, fun and colourful! The Sweater tutorial I followed can be found here.


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