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Pattern Name: Patternless Crochet Cardi

Pattern Designer: Jennine Birrell

Craft: Crochet

Made for:

Size Made: equivalent to 16 AUS

Hooks: 4.0 mm (G), 4.5 mm

Color: Yellow/ Mustard

Purchase date: January 2, 2022

Notes: This is a cardigan that was made intuitively. I created this project with a rough sketch of what I wanted the end results to look like and then proceeded to design-on-the-go. I measured each section on my person and after trials and tribulation got the results that I was after. I used my knowledge to design and shape the cardi based on skills I have picked up along the way. This was an interesting and telling project for me as I am curious to see what my hands can create without using someone else’s pattern.

The yarn I used is from Spotlight. I have taken to their "end of the mill assorted packs" of yarn as a "let's keep it out of the landfill gesture." To my great surprise, the yarn was great quality from Turkey and I had just enough for my project! (Literally 20 cm to spare!) This does mean however, I can't be sure of the yarn's content or exact meterage but for this exploratory part of my design trajectory, I was happy to just play! To be honest, I didn't even write anything down as I didn't want the 'pressure' of feeling like this would need to become a written pattern.


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